Printing Issues Windows Update March '21

Recently, a lot of people started reporting missing images when printing calculations with a printer or as PDF.
This is a bug introduced with the Windows 10 updates KB5000802 and KB5000808.

Resolution: The printing error has been fixed by Microsoft latest update: KB5001649.
Please simply update your Windows 10 to the latest version.

Simu-Therm Windows 10 support

Simu-Therm 7.1 has been updated to be fully compatible with Windows 10. If you still have an older version of the setup file and plan to reinstall on a machine running Windows 10, please contact us for the updated setup file.

Download domain changed

Old download link fails ?

We have moved our download domain.

If you want to load the setup file again from our website, please replace '' with '' in your old download link. You can still use the old user name and password.


New version S-T 7.0

New version S-T 7.0 with a new structure

Multi-calculation project files in place of single calculation files
In Simu-Therm 7.0 steady state heat loss calculations belonging to a construction project are collected and processed in multi-calculation a project work file. The calculations in the project file can be managed, printed and modified together or in subsets.

This new structure of Simu-Therm 7.0 brings a lot of additional benefit for frequent users.

Modification of calculations. e.g:

  • Switching of temperatures in the hot and cold face
  • Switching of tube diameter
  •  Search and replace materials.
  •  Search and replace text
  •  Search and replace atmospheres

Additionally ambient cases (e.g. summer/winter) and operation cases (e.g. high/low inside temperature) can be defined and applied to the calculations.

 Existing calculation files (*.ht1 files) still can be opened and included into a project.

Multiple material data files

Material data in up to 10 different files

Whereas up to now Simu-Therm could handle only one material file containing the data of the whole material collection, S-T can access 10 material files at the same time.

If several sources exist (e.g from customers) it is not necessary anymore to create a combined file. Moreover it is very easy to inlude material files temporarily.

New way of printing apart from Excel

Up to now printouts in Simu-Therm were done by transmitting the data to Excel sheets and trigger printing in Excel. In 2006 a new feature was implemented which enables the user to print directly from Simu-Therm.

The direct printing is for customers who have no Excel license or work with Excel under restriced access rights. The print layout can be controlled by commands in a text file.

New SIMU-THERM homepage online

Welcome to our new designed homepage. We provide our new demoversion of SIMU-THERM Software as download.

New release of ASTM 680 C adapted

In 2004, ASTM have modified again their standard 680 C, release 2003. The new ASTM C 680 formulas are adapted in SIMU-THERM within May 2005.