Why SIMU-THERM for you ?

Covering a wide range of applications
SIMU-THERM offers a lot of useful features for the high temperature technology.

•  Convenient handling of multi-calculation projects. Easy changing of materials, diametes, ambient and operation conditions for all calculations of a project in one step
•  air space layers with air flow or gas-filled
•  transient simulation: absolutely stable, no mathematical knowledge necessary
•  transient simulation of drying of fire concretes
•  simulation of special heating conditions

Flexible and open software
SIMU-THERM admits a maximum of independence.  E.g. print forms: You can arrange the print layout according to your needs, use different layouts for different customers and each layout in different print languages.
Moreover you can easily create a printout in another languge.

Highly innovative

We include new features into our software responding to technical progress in refractory design in close contact to our customers. We continuously adapt useful developments in computer technology to your convenience.

Competent advisory service for your applications
Experience has shown that SIMU-THERM’s self explaining user interface enables new users to accomplish steady state calculations without training. We support your start in advanced calculations, e.g. transient simulation by offering advice for your concrete application.