PE Process Engineering package

PE  Process Engineering expansion

This expansion provides simulation of special heat transfer conditions both on the hot and cold side.
It is based on a formula interface intended to add easily calculation formulas for heat transfer coeffi-cients. The calculation is bases on an individual set of parameters for each of the formulas. In this way the software can be customized to new requirements without changes in the core parts of the calculation algorithms. All formulas can be used in steady state and in transient simulation.

In SIMU-THERM 6.5 the following heat transfer calculation are available:

– convective heat transfer in air channel
WATDUCT – convective heat transfer in water channel
WATFILM – convective heat transfer under a falling water film
RADIAT – thermal radiation plus a fixed convective component
GASHEAT0 – heating with limited burner capacity, flame temperature known
GASHEAT – heating with limited burner capacity, gas exit temperature known
GASCOOL – cooling with a small air flow on the hot face

AIRDUCT application sample
Airduct application 1 Airduct application 2
The soil under a large furnace is cooled by a layer of tube shaped air ducts, 20 meters long. Distance of the tube axis is 0.7 meters.

WATDUCT application sample

big_watduct_application_sample2 Watduct sample
A refractory lining is cooled on the cold face with wa-ter panels 25 x 150 mm inside cross section.
In the panels water of 50 °C is flowing with velocity
1 m/s. The length of the water flow is 10 m.

RADIAT application sample
Radiat application sample 1 Radiat application sample 2
A small water cooled vacuum laboratory furnace is heated by an electrical radiation heater with a capacity limit of 60 KW per m2 inner surface. The maximum heater temperature is 1700 °C. At this
Radiat application sample 3
Simulation result: the maximum inside temperature is reached after about 1 hour.

GASHEAT application sample

Gasheat application Gasheat application sample 2

Heating up a furnace is performed with 20 kW gas burner capacity per square meter wall.
Due to the limitation of the burner capacity, there is a large difference between the flame tempera-ture and the surface temperature. Note that the curve of the inside surface temperature has become very smooth.