Steady state calculation


Steady state main dialog

Heat transfer calculation through a tube wall – diameter 2000 mm outside
Results are displayed in the main dialog

Dialog for outside heat transfer coefficient

Heat transfer coefficient

The heat transfer coefficients wall surfaces inside and outside can be set manually or calculated. There are three different formulas to calculate the heat transfer coefficient  towards ambient air:

•  ASTM 680 C  release  1986
•  ASTM 680 C  release  2004  (nondimensional)
•  VDI heat atlas (German standard, nondimensional)

If calculated, the parameters for the calculation are defined here depending on the chosen calculation formula.

 Material selection dialog
Material selection dialog
Materials are chosen from the database. The selection criteria can be text as well as technical figures: service temperature, density,  thermal conductivity, chemical analysis components etc.

Layer Properties Dialog

Layer properties dialog
Select a print form and a print language

Steady state standard graphic

The graphical view on the result – can
be exported as a bitmap and
can be used in print forms